Response to ‘Sad Day for Clyst St Mary’

From Athena’s Bubo:

“Owl continues to show the characteristics of its species, who are known for their binocular vision and binaural hearing, bestowing great wisdom and judgement, which can also be attributed to five Members of the East Devon Planning Committee yesterday, who voted against these horrendous 40 four-storey flats in a historic, rural village!

Unfortunately, such qualities and traits are lacking in Developers, who seem more akin to vultures (gaining from other’s troubles); magpies (systematic hunters, eating their own species); cuckoos (cunning but destructive birds); pigeons (causing extensive damage and contamination, often called ‘rats with wings’); crows (intellectual but deadly in groups know as ‘murders’ – when they can devastate environments)!

The six Planning Committee Members who voted in support of this development seemed more to mimic a gaggle of geese (flocking together for improved foraging); booming bitterns (loud, liking the sound of their own voices, patronising but likely to be fighting extinction); the Dodos (renowned as the dumbest birds ever – but now extinct); the ostriches and emus (with undersized brains, easily fooled, favouring sticking their heads in the sand to avoid problems)!

In essence, both could be described as “the Feather-Their Own NestsBirds”, some seeking avarice, others to climb to the highest perches to control, look condescendingly or dominate the more amenable, compliant species.

If these 40 towering structures ever get built in Clyst St Mary (in this current financial climate), Owl is welcome to fly in and land on the very highest storey to survey all the surrounding countryside but unfortunately, for any sustenance, Owl will have to fly elsewhere because the natural habitat and wildlife will be obliterated!”

One thought on “Response to ‘Sad Day for Clyst St Mary’

  1. Oh, that’s right, have a go at the dodo. Everyone does, don’t they? And as the sole representative of the dodo (still present in the aether), I just want to say that taking the piss and calling me stupid because I am ‘extinct’ is a bit rich, isn’t it? First off, when mother nature turned to creating the avian chapter of her magnum opus, the overall configuration of framework and plumage was much influenced by her earlier dinosaur period, although with the distinction of flight as a speciality. And thus arose the general expectation by members of said avian family, of a pair of wings. So where the fuck are mine, mother nature? Oh yes, snigger away, I would… fantastic joke – a bird that can’t fly – so not difficult to see why I have not survived contact with humanity, is it?

    On the brighter side, although my particular attempt at bird-dom is now passed (but see above) birds in general are a species that survived the mass extinction of 65million years ago and we are still doing very well thank you, in spite of the efforts you lot are making to knock us out again. So although it might seem churlish to point it out, your species has only been around about 3 million years and already you’ve screwed up the planet and could wipe yourself out, and quite a few of the rest of us (although there will be parts of creation that will make it through). So scuse me if I laugh, but who’s the dodo here, eh?


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