Sewage Alerts for East Devon beaches. A New Year plunge anyone?

From a correspondent:

Budleigh Salterton is the only beach with a SWW sewage discharge alert. (one of 30 between Kent and Cornwall)

This does not mean that the other beaches are poo free.

Seaton will never know as “Water quality data not available out of season.”

Exmouth and Sidmouth have “Sewer systems in this location are under maintenance and the water company has temporarily disabled real-time alerts” So will you take a gamble and a New Year plunge?

We must remember that Budleigh Salterton is having its sewer outfall pipe replaced to discharge into the sea just beyond Otter head so this will be able to continue for the next 100 years!

With the ground saturated, there is a threat every time it rains.

Footnote from Owl – this warning comes too late for those taking the Christmas swim at Budleigh and Exmouth. See the extensive photo record on East Devon News of Hundreds Dash and Splash

Sidmouth sensibly chose to stay “wrapped up” this year.