Breaking news Cllr Mike Allen accused of “disrupting” tree planting

Leader of Tory group Cllr Philip Skinner is asked to withdraw the whip from him.

The story broke at last night’s Cabinet meeting when a statement was read by a member of EDDC staff from Cllr Jake Bonetta (who was unable to attend).

This statement described what happened yesterday morning at a planned tree planting occasion attended by school children, councillors and council officials. 

Cllr Bonetta alleges that he, and others, witnessed Cllr Allen, and someone else, removing the trees and planting stakes that had been prepared for the occasion.

As a result the formal tree planting had to be abandoned.

Cllr Bonetta considers this to be “abhorrent” behaviour on the part of Clle Allen and will consider what further formal action he can take.

In response to the statement, Cllr Paul Haward, Deputy Leader, called on Cllr Philip Skinner to withdraw the tory whip from Cllr Allen and “kick him out of the party”. (Cllr Skinner was not present but Cllr Ton Wright offered to transmit the statement to him).

Ironically only a week ago at full council, the council agreed to a motion put forward by Cllr Allen for councillors to show “civility and respect”.

Watch the relevant section on the EDDC Youtube channel between approx 17 mins and 23 mins

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