A spot of rain leads to sewage discharges on all East Devon beaches

This could have been the first time South West Water’s major multi-million “improvement” to our sewage system has gone live.

Owl is referring to the engineering work at the Budleigh Lime Kiln car park which is replacing the Victorian discharge pipe with a new one less liable to storm erosion. All this investment does is allow SWW to continue releasing untreated sewage into the sea at Otter Head, nothing to improve treatment capacity.

Was this investment included in Simon Jupp’s £70m announcement, and is the work being funded by us the consumer; or us the taxpayer through the Environment Agency? Just asking.

The work was to have been completed so as to free up the car park by Easter. 

As Owl reported a month ago the “wrong sort of rain” has delayed the final connection.

Map of sewage discharged in the past 48 hours as at 27 April.

[Ladram Bay not monitored out of season]