What is: “the one overarching threat to British conservatism” ?

(Greater even than the climate emergency!)

The answer according to Miriam Cates MP, one of the rising stars of Tory MPs when she gave the warmup speech at the, mostly male, National Conservatism gathering on Monday, is the UK’s low birthrate.

She also said: “Spending so much time and money on education also makes it much more difficult, particularly for women, to decide when is a good time to pause and have children.”

And concluded by saying “Conservatism is always common sense.”

Owl wonders what Simon Jupp and his local conservatives make of all this.

Will they embrace the problem with enthusiasm?

Time is running out before the general election to make much headway on tackling this threat to conservatism.

The other snag is that the younger generations are less likely to vote Tory, so we are talking long term. – Owl

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