Exmouth and Development: an elector’s view

Councillor Tim Wood asks “Why so negative?” in his letter of June 26. Perhaps I can enlighten him, since he is a member of a Tory group which stumbles around in the dark about how to “redevelop” our town.

Rolle is empty. The opportunities to develop it for public use are great, but this is not Tory policy – they want it sold and to reap the income for EDDC coffers.

They must be rubbing their hands with glee at the extra community charge EDDC now gets from all of the halls of residence which have been converted into flats.

Use of the old college library to relocate and expand the existing sounds logical, yet Pauline Stott thinks that Exebank would be a good location! Ridiculous! It is too far from the centre of population.

The Tory group think the rugby ground is perfect for a supermarket to rival Tesco. Ridiculous, it is too far from the centre of population.

Some £450,000 was wasted at the end of Queens Drive, and what for? A flat spiral of paving which leads nowhere. Exactly what has been gained by it?

There are many examples of towns which have bucked the trend of blandness by developing individuality and encouraging small, independent businesses to open. Why can Exmouth not be one of them?

Yes, Mr Wood, there is a lot of negativity about, and the reason lies with your blinkered approach to “development”.

Nick Crane did a series on BBC2 called Town and it showed how towns could evolve in the 21st century.

I emailed Councillor Diviani and the other movers and shakers in EDDC over a year ago, and not one of them was polite enough to respond. Too busy sitting around a table no doubt, blue sky thinking!

Take off your blinkers and look around, and encourage your fellow councillors to do the same. We do not want what a Tory EDDC is offering, or what it has already given us!

Mike Fairclough