More jobs – but who WANTS them?

East Devon has very low unemployment levels. East Devon District Council says its aims is to create thousands of new jobs and thousands more houses for the people doing those jobs.

In Northamptonshire they also have low unemployment and a local company is having to fill vacancies for new jobs by advertising them in Hungary because locals are not applying for them:

Greencore, which employs 1,200 staff in the US and Britain, is currently advertising for machine setters, cleaners, porters and quality monitors to work at the new factory.

Mrs Russell said recruiters would be heading to Hungary tomorrow to find new employees. She said: ‘In Northampton, we do have a problem in that there is very low unemployment. There aren’t enough people around and it is not always the kind of work people have wanted to do.’

She said Greencore had run a scheme with job centres in Northampton, but had still not attracted many applicants from the town. She said: ‘Ideally we would be flooded with applications, but actually we are having to work really hard to find people who will come and work for us. Everyone has an equal opportunity, but we haven’t been able to find the staff coming to us locally.’