Those missing voters and telephone canvassing

Mark Williams maintained to the Parliamentary Commission on Voter Engagement that his telelphone canvassing method was superior to door-to-door canvassing in producing voter registrations.

An Ofcom survey reveals that only 28% of 16-24 year-olds use a landline phone compared to 64% of all adults. 94% of this age group say their mobile is the main way they make and receive calls.

How did Mr Williams track down the mobile phone numbers of voters in this age group and people in other age groups who have only a mobile phone? Or were they tracked at all?

Anyone ever seen a personal mobile phone number in a telephone directory? Perhaps he used forms that people sent in for other reasons where they divulged their numbers to EDDC – but how many of the missing voters would that have caught bearing in mind he was looking for people who had not registered on the electoral roll and he missed opportunities to match data?

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