EDDC: Please stop calling it “Plan B” – there was no Plan B!

It is NOT Plan B!


1. You did not factor into your Skypark choice that the supermarket destined for Honiton might change its plans (evidence: you told tenants of the East Devon Business Centre to start looking for new premises).

2. You did not know at the start of your deliberations that there would be space at Exmouth Town Hall (evidence: Devon County Council only recently announced that it would be vacating its space at Exmouth Town Hall).

3. If Exmouth had really been a viable alternative to Skypark, EDDC would have investigated the Rolle College site.

And, surely, with the empty space at Exmouth Town Hall, DCC is charged with getting best value for it. How can EDDC be sure of securing it?

Still, EDDC can always rent a few rooms at the Premier Inn!

One thought on “EDDC: Please stop calling it “Plan B” – there was no Plan B!

  1. Call me cynical, but – this was always Plan A. I believe Diviani always wanted HQ at Honiton. How to achieve it without being accused of moving HQ for his convenience? Well, suggest Skypark, take all the flack, never mind the cost – then retrench to Honiton and everyone will think that’s not as bad as Skypark.


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