What can you get for £15,000,000…..(EDDC estimate for Knowle refurbishment) ?

Some comparisons, to give us an idea….

Castle Drogo refurbishment £11m
What you get for £11m:

‘The flat roof is roughly equivalent to two international football pitches. A high-tech roof system, designed by Bauder is being installed. This two layer membrane is designed to cope with the extremes of temperature experienced on Dartmoor.

In order to lay the new waterproof system, 2,355 granite blocks weighing 680 tonnes have to be removed and then reinstated. This will involve moving and reassembling entire battlements and large sections of the castle walls.

We have also had to redesign the roof gullies to accommodate the heavy Dartmoor rainfall.

Repointing; the cracked cement pointing is being removed and replaced with an improved lime based mortar. The sheer amount of new pointing required stretches to an impressive 60,000 metres (laid in a line it would stretch all the way from Castle Drogo to Lundy Island).

In addition some 913 windows containing over 13,000 panes are being cleaned and the lead replaced to stop them leaking.’

Cunard Building Liverpool – £15m refurbishment cost
Historic 5 storey building

Why refurbish?

Eastenders studio http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/soaps/s2/eastenders/news/a551445/eastenders-elstree-set-revamp-to-cost-over-gbp15m.html#~oXRuqDJRiMpbez

A whole studio gutted and rebuilt

New bus station Stoke on Trent

Royal Institution, London
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Besides museum space on three floors, the redevelopment features expanded archives, a Young Scientist Centre, a café and bar – and the infrastructure required to support a huge increase in visitors to the building.