Those Exmouth beach huts not fit for purpose

Exmouth beach Huts

Radio Devon news today announced EDDC’s huge project for Exmouth seafront, to include an open-air sports facility. Shame Councillor Moulding and his team haven’t noticed there already is a superb one, that families don’t have to pay to use, requires no energy consumption, and doesn’t pollute. The wide open spaces and sandy beach have long been the resort’s main attraction. (The little-used new ‘super’ bowling alley complex has been struggling to make a profit, we’re told.)

Part of the proposed Splash area.

Now Exmouth’s signature seafront beach huts are to be removed, to make way for the District Council’s ambitious Splash project (just a part of the massive site pictured above). Same glass-and-concrete vision as that which bulldozed the much-loved, constantly used and unique Elizabeth Hall,so the land could be sold to the ubiquitous Premier Inn…

Eliz Hall Demolition 2

So Exmouth loses more of its special character and much-loved landmarks. What exactly will it gain?

A stretch of Queens Drive

One thought on “Those Exmouth beach huts not fit for purpose

  1. What seems a shame is the fact that we have a number of Business people working their backsides off, with all the difficulties of tons of sand and flooding. These exceptional Exmouth people are being thrown out on the whims of those council officers from Sidmouth. and not a word of comfort from our own ruling Exmouth Council members or even other ‘business’ town colleagues, which if this was to happen to them they would be shouting blue murder.


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