Claire Wright’s odds improve yet again!

As of this evening:

Con 1/10
UKIP 10/1
Claire Wright 10/1
Lib Dems 50/1
Labour 100/1

Recall that Claire Wright started out at 66/1 and Hugo Swire at (as we recall) 1/18. A truly astonishing reversal of fortunes – and still 3 months to go.

If you want a truly LOCAL MP who has devoted herself for years to fighting on local issues and has a sound track record on them, she really is the only choice.

Hugo Swire has rarely been here over the last 5 years as his Foreign Office travels take precedence, the UKIP candidate moved here only when his candidacy was announced a few months ago (though still retaining his family home elsewhere), the Lib Dems have yet to reveal their candidate and the Labour candidate dropped out last week and has not yet been replaced.

Remember if you want to bet responsibly and you are over 18, betting can be found under:

Politics/General/Election/Constituencies/Devon East
(NOT East Devon)

And clever those who got in at 66/1!

2 thoughts on “Claire Wright’s odds improve yet again!

  1. All those who want a change would never think in all honestly that Claire Wright would ever have a chance of overturning a 6000 majority, and perhaps the reason why we have had a legendary Hugo Swire become a little complacent in taking his tenor as East Devon MP for granted, and who has been made a sure fire favorite with the bookies, his main rival a poor 66/1
    Maybe that is why he has been rarely seen. This will change with the party machine stopping at nothing in trying to stop the rot.
    People power can win this, if we care enough for young Claire Wright who will be a breath of fresh air if she achieves this win


    • Claire Wright now enjoys odds of 6/1. She has seen the greatest improvement in her odds of any candidate in the country and is now regarded by Ladbrokes as the independent candidate with the greatest chance of victory in May.


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