Hugo Swire is auctioneer at £15,000 per head Tory ball

And here’s his big joke as reported in the Daily Mail:

Joke of the night
Auctioneer Hugo Swire, a Tory MP, inviting bids for the flight, said: ‘For an extra £1,000 we will throw in a case of wine. For an extra £5,000, we will throw in Greece as well.”

The guests included porn barons, sex shop owners, Peter Stringfellow and people who had bedn jailed for financial crimes. No guest list was issued and no table places were marked in case information about the 1,000 plus guests leaked to the press. Only those entering by the main door were snapoed, others chose discrete entrances.

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  1. A strong point well made Tim. I remember, through minor Greek connections, how proud their people were to have confounded the doubters over being ready for the Athens olympics in 2004. In many ways more ready that we were in 2012, remember the security fiasco? In retrospect that effort also helped take their economy over the cliff and now the ordinary people are paying the price, and rebelling through the ballot box.
    The black and white ball cropping up at the same time as thorough coverage finally being given to the HSBC story just serves to emphasise how much Hugo and his chums are there to serve their financial backers and not those who elect them. Of all that money not paid in tax by those permitted to avoid it a small amount trickles down to party coffers and to individuals in directorships and consultancy fees.
    These people are elected and paid to represent us, but that role plays second fiddle as they serve us up to their corporate chums, and sign up to treaties which increase the power of multinationals and banks over the very countries which bailed them out. We need representatives at every level who will resist this. We can help this at our local level by electing an MP who truly represents the constituency and by electing local representatives who will put the community first and will hold the ruling clique to account for their financial deceits.


  2. Fun Joke? Not I think from a MP, Foreign Office Minister and Diplomat
    Please forgive a personal rant over this but I find Hugo Swire’s ‘joke’ thoroughly inappropriate coming from an M.P., a Foreign Office Minister and from a ‘diplomat’.
    What has been reported of his conduct, today in a piece by Andrew Pierce of the Daily Mail* , fills me with disgust. I think it tells us much about the man and for that reason I have decided to share some relevant personal experience publicly and for the first time.
    I am a lover of Greece, and its people, especially Crete where I have been researching various wartime events for twenty five years. My extensive research ** has been acknowledged as source material in numerous publications worldwide. I was involved in the discovery and preparation of much of the material that appears in a recently published account of the 1944 abduction of General Kreipe from Crete.
    Over the many years I have made countless friends and contacts in many sections of the communities in Greece and amongst philhellenes around the globe. I go to places where tourists seldom set foot and in recent years have both seen for myself, and learned from trusted sources, of the dire effect of the austerity measures my Greek friends and their countrymen are enduring. For example, many services in Greece are paid for as part of a home’s electricity bill, fall behind on any and the electric gets cut off. Such a disconnection took place a while back in Crete and the life support system of an occupant failed resulting in her death within a few days***.
    In stark contrast, our MP lives the high life, having claimed all manner of expenses from the public purse, even a massive amount for fuel at his second home in East Devon. No chance of him being cut off when we foot his bills.****
    On the 9th January, it appears that Hugo Swire was once again the auctioneer at the Tory Black and White Ball where party financiers hope to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for their election campaign. The guest list is hardly the great and good but all are tremendously wealthy and influential – and welcome it seems.
    Andrew Pierce wrote, in connection with an auction lot that was a free jet flight to Santorini,
    “Auctioneer Hugo Swire, a Tory MP, inviting bids for the flight, said: ‘For an extra £1,000 we will throw in a case of wine. For an extra £5,000, we will throw in Greece as well.”
    I am sure the family of the dead woman, and the hundreds of thousands of others suffering in Greece will find it in their hearts to laugh with him for the Greeks are unbelievably generous people – but I will not.
    Not all Greeks are like those I know and mix with. I’m sure many, some who have had a big part their countries financial demise, may have felt comfortable amongst the guests at the Grosvenor.
    We owe Greece and Crete an enormous debt for the price they paid supporting us during WW2. We have never shown our appreciation in the way that New Zealand and Australia has. Treating their current desperate situation as material for a joke amongst the likes of the attendees at the Black and White is contemptible, especially so for someone of Hugo Swire’s position.
    I learnt of Swire’s behaviour, today, on the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest philellenes of the last few centuries, Patrick (Paddy) Leigh Fermor, the British S.O.E agent who captured the German general in Crete, a story that became known as Ill Met by Moonlight.
    Several years ago I met Mr Swire at his office on the industrial site Woodbury Salterton in connection with an Exmouth matter. After that conversation it came out (when I left him my card for a reply) that he was, like me, a great admirer of Paddy Leigh Fermor. I mentioned that I knew Paddy, and had recently been given a copy of a rare Greek film about him and I offered to send him a copy. I did so as Paddy would have wanted any of his acquaintances to, he was that sort of man. Mr Swire later wrote thanking me for this purely personal favour between admirers of Paddy. The ‘private’ thank you letter would have been appreciated had it not been on House of Commons notepaper and mailed via the House of Commons envelope and franking machine. Yes, I still have it as a reminder of how Mr Swire uses public money, even for his personal post..

    Tim Todd


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