Has the Planning Inspector forced EDDC to reveal housing figures before the election?

Digging through the almost impenetrable new EDDC website throws up this letter from EDDC to the Planning Inspector, Mr Thickett:

Click to access lettertolocalplaninspector060215.pdf

in which EDDC states:

“Given the timetable for SHMA completion, and under normal circumstances, I would have envisaged that the earliest we would have been able to take a report with proposed changes to the Plan to our members, seeking authority to consult, would be in March (or early April) 2015. I would envisage a six week consultation period.

However because of the forthcoming local and national elections this would not appear to be a viable programme to follow with concern of risks that the process could been seen as becoming politically motivated rather than being based on the soundness of the plan. While mindful of the need to progress quickly I would appreciate your views on the significance to the process of Members consideration and consultation not taking place until shortly after the election.”

EDDC appears to have assumed the Inspector would concur and sent out a press release saying that figures would not be released until after the election due yo “political sensitivity”. Today they backtracked and said they WILL be released?

There is no record of Mr Thickett’s reply (he has in the past replied almost immediately to letters from EDDC).

Where is it? What did it say?