Greater Exeter ..Cranbrook … Ottery … Honiton?

A first reading of the local housing figures report appears to make it clear that they expect much of the housing expansion in East Devon to be at Cranbrook.

Surely it isn’t far in the distant future that Cranbrook will be just another Exeter suburb that will expand even further east, west, nort and south?

Could we soon see Ottery and Honiton as minor parts of “Greater Exeter” and losing their identity as rural towns in favour of urban/suburban Exeter – without the supporting infrastructure?

One thought on “Greater Exeter ..Cranbrook … Ottery … Honiton?

  1. Presumably the “Greater” in “Greater Exeter” is not a value judgement so much as a collective pronoun like Greater London.

    So I guess, what is now called Exeter will become “Central Exeter” in the same way that what was originally London is now called “Central London”.


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