Devon Libraries to become mutually owned

But, of course, if money is being saved, it has to come from somewhere. Volunteers (although dedicated, already fully stretched it communities and unfortunately inherently unreliable due to age and other committments) will need to run their local libraries on a shoestring, opening when they can be found rather than when the service is most needed.

Buildings will presumably be retained by DCC. If not, this will be an insurmountable problem for some libraries in older, outdated buildings, which will soon close or move to smaller and smaller and cheaper and cheaper premises until they gently disappear into the night with ne’er a trace.

When will this end? When we pay our community charges for no services, just to keep councillors and officers in meaningless jobs or( in EDDC’s case) to finance plush offices where all they do is service developers.

And, of course, if libraries do fail, they are on prime development land …