Hugo Swire hospitalty benefits

In case you miss a comment posted below, it is repeated here:

In Hugo Swire’s Register of Interests, you can see that he, and his wife whom he employs at our expense, has declared benefits in the form of free tickets to several Black and White Balls paid for by IPLG Ltd. IPLG Ltd is connected to Michael Spencer.

A report dated June 2011,Conservative Party Interests Relating to the Insurance Industry* says this of Mr Swire and other IPLG beneficiaries:

IPGL – IPGL is a private holding company controlled by businessman Michael Spencer and it appears several times in this report. Among a diverse and changing investment portfolio it wholly owns the insurance company Insurance Capital Partners and partly owns an insurance brokerage called Oxygen.

Since 2005 IPGL and Micheal Spencer’s donations to the Central Conservative Party and constituencies have totaled £3,929,892.52. IPGL has also given
hospitality in the form of private helicopter and plane journeys,international visits and tickets to Conservative Party social functions to several Members of Parliament since 2007. The following Members of Parliament have received such hospitality:

MP David Cameron
MP Mark Francis
MP Andrew Mitchell
MP George Osborne
MP Hugo Swire

Mr Spencer’s other financial interests are reported to have included a spread betting concern. Wonder what odds they are giving Hugo now?