Exeter City Council unanimously rejects Topsham Care Home scheme with similarities to Knowl plans

Planning committee member, Cllr Rob Newby, represents Topsham on the city council and said: “I have issues with the county council’s decision as the highways authority that the access to this scheme from Exeter Road would be suitable.

“At one point the rugby club wanted to form a hub there but the highways refused it because of access and yet there would have been less traffic than with this scheme.

“Topsham already has an over-burdened medical system; there are two surgeries serving more than 10,000 people and this development could cause an imbalance in the population.”

Fellow committee member, Cllr Kevin Mitchell, said: “Topsham has its own unique identity and I very much hope that we can keep the gap between Exeter and Topsham as long as we can.”

Cllr Mitchell added that he thought a neighbourhood plan for Topsham, as has been done for St James’, would be beneficial for the town.