Tonight’s Vision Group for Sidmouth hustings

Please note that this hustings has been 100% organised by the Vision Group for Sidmouth and NOT by any individual candidate….

Hugo Swire has sent this email to his supporters:

Hugo Swire will be holding a hustings meeting tonight at the above address. Also attending, I believe, will be Claire Wright, Independent and Andrew Chapman, UKIP.

Please come along and show your support to Hugo, who, I am sure, will look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.”

It’s rather like when he describes himself as having “attended” St Andrews University (i.e. he did not graduate from the University) – he is not “holding” the hustings, he is “attending”.

One thought on “Tonight’s Vision Group for Sidmouth hustings

  1. Yet another example of why you might choose to question everything Mr Swire says. Another is his claim to make sure East Devon pensioners get a fair deal. Tell that to that to the residents of EDDCs 1340 sheltered accomodation properties, all having to pay more for their homes, something he must take personal responsibility for because he failed, when asked by Claire Wright, to stand up for Devon.


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