Visits by Hugo Swire in the East Devon constituency MP 2010-2015

Hugo Swire has apparently been suggesting that he has made many visits in his constituency during the life of this parliament, particularly to schools. A number of people have then said they have never seen him at their schools.

East Devon Watch looks forward to receiving details of places he has visited in East Devon during his time in Parliament, though with the following exclusions:

1. Not in the last six months, for obvious reasons
2. Not those premises belonging to local party stalwarts being rewarded by a visit
3. Not party donors
4. Not those which were just arrive-and-run photo-opportunities and
5. Not businesses belonging to former members of the East Devon Business Forum

We suspect it will not be a long list, particularly as his Foreign travels, buddying arrangements with global businesses and Tory fundraising auctioneering in London have kept him pretty busy.

One thought on “Visits by Hugo Swire in the East Devon constituency MP 2010-2015

  1. Has he visited any of those affected by his Tory fellows at EDDC and thei a dditional charges to those in sheltered accomodation? No Photo-Me Swire opportunities taken there?


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