Solar Farm at Clyst St Mary


From John Barbara, Co-Chair OMLRA & Chris Booker, Member OMLRA

Please see the attached flyer which sets out the details of the case and the arrangements for the Appeal Hearing.
It is being circulated just in case you are not fully aware that the first application for the original 48 acre solar site surrounding Walnut Tree Cottages has gone to appeal. The application was rejected by East Devon planners so they have to defend this decision. This does NOT concern the revised application for a much smaller site at the same location.
OMLRA has filed a detailed and policy-based submission which makes our case brilliantly. However, we need to demonstrate a high level of individual local objection to the solar site. To this end, would you be able to come along for a time on Tuesday (It starts at 10am) ? Even an hour would help to show that local residents are firmly against the use of high grade farmland (surrounded by four listed heritage properties) for solar.
Please do come and support this. We have a very strong case already but we need a personal presence from genuine residents from Oil Mill Lane to help tip the balance by showing our strength of feeling.
We look forward to seeing you next week.
Best wishes
John Barbara, Co-Chair OMLRAChris Booker, Member OMLRA

OWL – from our western fringe – still East Devon under threat.

One thought on “Solar Farm at Clyst St Mary

  1. If you read the attached PDF file, you will see that there has been a recent Ministerial Statement requiring “the most compelling evidence” for Planners to recommend a solar development on high grade farmland.

    I am sure that I have also read somewhere that t he local power distribution infrastructure is now fully loaded due to the existing large solar farms, and that they cannot attach any more large solar farms for several years until the infrastructure has been upgraded.

    So two more reasons for both this appeal and the alternative smaller application to be rejected.


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