Dunkeswell – also suddenly has its built up area boundary changed to facilitate development

Dunkeswell is where former EDDC Conservative councillor Bob Buxton was “unselected”  (the word favoured by Councillor  Phil Twiss, who is NOT the EDDC Conservative Party whip) who then stood as an Independent candidatebut lost to new district councillor Colin Brown.

Here is an extract from Dunkeswell Parish Council minutes of 20 June 2015:

Clerk has circulated and sent a response objecting to Dunkeswell’s inclusion at the last minute with no consultation
and against the officers recommendations by the EDDC Development Management Committee.  Dunkeswell was
included as our former ward member told the meeting that provision of a school was imminent in Dunkeswell, which is
not to our knowledge the case.
As agreed at the planning meeting on Monday 8th  June 2015, response for ratification.
AGREED (full responseis attached) Cllr Clewer to pursue the issue further
The views of Councillor Brown are not yet on record (but if he would like to write to us at eastdevonwatch@gmail.com we will he happy to print his response).  However, we do know that he lists in his EDDC register of interests:
Bell View Developments (Company Secretary) and Monckton Court Hotel
and details
Belle (sic) View, Axminster and Monckton Court Hotel as land or ownership where there is beneficial interest, as below:
Looks like Axminster and Chard could soon be a “supertown” and Dunkeswell a suburb of Honiton which will itself be a suburb of Exeter!  Or maybe two new towns a la Cranbrook?

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