3 thoughts on “Rural communities get “a raw deal”

  1. Well – when EDDC says it has held council tax at the same level for 5 years whilst “maintaining services”, you need to form your own judgement whether the types of services you mention (street lighting, no road cleaning, verge cutting) have really been maintained at the same level or whether they have been cut.

    Where I live I have to go out and cut the grass verges on both sides of the road myself otherwise they would be a veritable forest of nettles, cow parsley and other weeds rather than grass. The kerbs are festooned with weeds (which is a false economy when you take into account the cost of replacing the kerbs when the weeds displace them), in many places there is so much silt at the edge of the road that grass is growing, the bridge roadside tarmac is completely covered with moss etc. (Though I would not go so far as to imagine American tumble-weed being blown down the street, our little hamlet is becoming more ragged each year – certainly it is no longer picture postcard.)

    I do wonder just how many of us would be prepared to pay (say) 0.5% more council tax for EDDC council tax rises to pay for such things – after all, because our council tax is dominated by County Council spending, if EDDC raised its part of Council Tax by 5%, that would still only be a 0.5% rise overall.


    • Cut the salaries of Williams and Cohen as well as the allowances Diviani gets and we might see more grass cutting!!!


  2. Of course rural dweller get a raw deal – some things never change.

    We live between Ottery and Alfington – no footpath for almost 2 miles and heavy traffic on the road. No street lighting, no road cleaning and, the final insult is that I have had to buy a large strimmer to cut the verge to enable us to join the road safely as it was so overgrown. That grass has always been cut by contractors in earlier years.

    We pay the same band F council tax as others in the area and get far less services. Unfair but, would I move to a town? Never.


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