How can we believe anything our politicians say?

From “The Sun” expose on Baron John Sewel, 69 — Deputy Speaker of the Lords:

One of the girls claims she met the peer in a strip club in London’s Soho in 2012.

As a member of the Lords, he is involved in legislating on sexual offences acts, prostitution and brothel-keeping laws.

As Deputy Speaker he would also be expected to demonstrate higher standards of moral behaviour than ordinary peers.

Sewel helped draw up a code of conduct which insists peers act with “selflessness, integrity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership”.

One thought on “How can we believe anything our politicians say?

  1. No easy answer but let’s not forget that there are many decent honest politicians, at all levels, trying to do a good job.
    Locally, one way is to look at who has a record of lying to us and who has a record of representing their constituents and not lying.
    One thing is clear though, there seems to be a ready supply of corrupt politicians in the Commons and Lords, that paying the most dies not ensure we get the best. More accountability needed not less.


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