Neil Parish to campaign to keep Axminster hospital open

Now, where is the same sort of letter from Hugo Swire about Ottery? Not just the anodyne phrases he has trotted out so far – some real fighting words.

He will say that, as a Minister, he cannot bring this up in Parliament. So why did people choose to vote for him?

Imagine what an Independent MP could have done, free from party shackles – including joining forces with Neil Parish to double exposure of the situation in Parliament.

It is all up to former parliamentary candidate and current DCC councillor Claire Wright now – and a great job she is doing.

2 thoughts on “Neil Parish to campaign to keep Axminster hospital open

  1. In The Exmouth Journal, in his usual dreary column, he suggests that he cannot carry out his Foreign Office duties fully because he has to be at the Commons to support his party which has such a norrow majority. Hasn’t he been telling us that his foreign office ministerial duties stop him representing us fully in the Commons? Conclusion:- As we’ve known for a long time, the only thing that matters to Hugo is his party and place in it.
    Oh, and he is going to spend part of his sojourn in the West Country! If he strays into East Devon no doubt the expenses claims will follow.


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