Strange things happening on the Devon-Dorset border

It appears that, whatever the decision, the Minister at the Department of Communities and Local Government had already decided to call it in.

Whilst this might be an unpopular development, it is no more or no less unpopular than many other current applications, so what has made it so special? It might, however, be the first of several applications that eventually could link Axminster to Lyme Regis.

The Devon MP is Neil Parish, the Dorset MP is Oliver Letwin, good friend of David Cameron. The site is closer to Dorset’s Lyme Regis than Devon’s Seaton and Axminster.

Following the 2015 election, Letwin remained Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster as Cameron reappointed him as an official ministerial member of the new Conservative government’s Cabinet. He has been given responsibility for overall charge and oversight of the Cabinet Office.

Wonder what they think of this really strange situation?

It also appears to have been decided by “Chairman’s Delegation Committee” – anyone heard of this before?

See Councillor Ian Thomas’s comments on this in Comments section.

Which begs the question: if a developer or one single interested party can persuade the DCLG to consider call-in of a planning application BEFORE a decision is made – what is the point of having the meeting!

Should the DCLG be asked to clarify their behaviour?

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    • This still begs the question: who started the call-in process in advance and why?


  1. Reblogged this on Seaton matters and commented:
    Not far from Seaton, on the road into Lyme Regis, a planning application for 120 homes in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty was rightly refused by EDDC – but then immediately called in by the Government (Department of Communities and Local Government) who may now overrule the decision. What is going on? And what price local democracy?


  2. Thanks for your reference to an article I published on my website yesterday.
    I have edited to identify the meeting where the EDDC decision was made to be the Regular Development Mangement Chairman’s Delegation meeting, as this may not have been clear to those not familiar with the council.
    However, your post does not accurately reflect my article or the current position.
    I copy here a comment by way of clarification a post to the Uplyme Village Board yesterday and Lyme Regis Board, which should be read in conjunction with my original article.
    “Two points
    1. The application has not been called in. DCLG has only indicated a wish to consider a call-in. It may well ultimately decide not to do so.
    2. It may be that there has been lobbying from the developer side, but it is equally possible that persistent lobbying by a member of the public concerned the application be approved is at the root.
    At the present time we simply do not know. When I find out more I will of course publish…”
    Hope this helps?


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