One thought on ““Victory for affordable housing as court throws out ‘insane’ government policy”

  1. From Mr Alec Huett 14 Sailmakers Court Exmouth Quay EX8 1XP Please forward to EDDC if at all possible.

    I think that Councils in East Devon have a duty in every way they can, to try their hardest to help the young people who are in jobs, but their incomes and housing, are despairing beyond their aspirations. The young are losing out to the rest of us.
    The recession has been a disaster for them, with housing and rents at a record high, and wages so low.
    Their dream of leaving home and renting or better still, buying a place of their own is in tatters .
    Yet the leader of EDDC Councilor Paul Diviani is telling us that the new quality Development of Queens Drive will bring a positive partnership with all our local residents, making them proud of living in East Devon.
    This Exmouth Splash is said to be costing £18 million+ with the cost being paid largely by Developers of Apartments and Leases. from Retail outlets.
    We must oppose this on the grounds that no local Family will benefit from any high priced sea front apartments, and it is his duty as a council leader to do what he has openly stated.
    This was to conserve and enhance our environment through social and economic well being for the people who live and work here.
    He also ‘states’ We will look after the disadvantaged so to ensure the lack of finance and opportunity will not be a barrier.
    With the shortage of tradesmen in the building industry, his encouragement should be in building family houses not apartments as second homes or buy for holiday let properties as we have on Exmouth Quay which are mainly standing empty in winter months.
    Our own local councilors are having problems with this Development, but some will follow the party line, but many residents will oppose it for the reasons that our sea front is very successful and only needs cosmetic improvements. It has problems, but mostly with the towns infrastructure, this is not the case of the sea front other then winter storms.
    If it is at all possible for this to go to Paul Diviani i would appreciate it.


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