Neil Parish supports government on tax credits then criticises them

Owl can’t really get its head around MPs who vote FOR something and then criticise it, feeling that it should really be the other way around.

Still, at least he said something, unlike our other MP Hugo Swire who probably thinks tax credits are something wealthy bankers deserve:

“Neil Parish, the MP for [Honiton and] Tiverton, said: “W
e have just lost our way a little, but we can come back out of the wilderness and put this right. It is not a crime to be lowly paid. We have got to put this right, because the Conservative party and the government’s reputation is at stake.”

People would be driven back on to benefits if the government were not careful with its tax credit changes, he warned.

The environment select committee chairman added: “I think we are standing up for what we believe to be right because as far as I am concerned it’s absolutely fundamental people that work are better off than those that don’t.”