East Devon Growth Point to become an “Enterprise Zone”

What does this mean?

“What benefits do Enterprise Zones offer for businesses?

Businesses basing themselves on Enterprise Zones can access a number of benefits:

Up to 100% business rate discount worth up to £275,000 per business over a 5 year period

Simplified local authority planning, for example, through Local Development Orders that grant automatic planning permission for certain development (such as new industrial buildings or changing how existing buildings are used) within specified areas

Government support to ensure that superfast broadband is rolled out throughout the zone, and, if necessary, public funding

100% enhanced capital allowances (tax relief) to businesses making large investments in plant and machinery on 8 Zones in Assisted Areas


IN OTHER WORDS: the one thing the “Growth Point” ISN’T doing, despite all the money spent on it, is growing – so it will be heavily subsidised in the hope that no- one will notice what an abject failure it has been so far!