Local Plan progress – is telepathy involved?

According to Great Leader Diviani’s Christmas message, he expects the latest version of the draft Local Plan to be adopted early next year.

But how does he know this?

According to the EDDC web page where ALL correspondence with Mr Thickett is supposed to be published:


EDDC has not written to Mr Thickett since February 2015 and Mr Thickett has not replied since March 2015.

Special telepathy perhaps to which the public is not allowed access?

2 thoughts on “Local Plan progress – is telepathy involved?

  1. But I thought I saw and earlier post reporting that Matt Dicken had sent further evidence amounting to c 1000 pages in August? Anyone else remember this?


    • Maybe August is recent? Or our councillors kept referring to the ” eco town” until AFTER it got that award for something-or- another?


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