Some questions about our Local Enterprise Partnership

Does it have an office and staff? If so, where, how many staff and what do they do? They are managing a LOT of money. Do they have an accountant? Do they have a human resources person?

Where do they meet and how often? All its members have other (presumably full-time) jobs so how do they manage to fit LEP business in with their own interests?

How do they decide their agendas? Who takes the minutes?

Do they declare an interest if they are discussing something that impinges on their day jobs?

Do each of them have “special interests” and, if so, what are they?

They have a ” Partnership Manager” – how does he/she decide what partnerships to forge? Do they give their partners money? If so, how much?

Are they or their staff being paid expenses or pensions?

Does anyone have a company car or other perks?

Who audits their accounts? Internal and external?

Why have they never held a public meeting?

You might be able to think of more questions?

2 thoughts on “Some questions about our Local Enterprise Partnership

  1. The members who set the LEP agenda, when was set up in 2011 – Do they represent local democracy?

    Following an extensive recruitment process, eight representatives from the private sector in Devon and Somerset have become directors of the body set up to replace the South West Regional Development Agency.

    They include Nick Ames, managing director of Supacat, the Dunkeswell-based armoured vehicle manufacturer, and Jamie Christon, managing director of Exeter International Airport.

    Also representing the private sector will be: Adam Chambers, chief executive of Peninsula Enterprise; Tim Jones, property developer and chairman of Devon and Cornwall Business Council; Simon Barker, Agusta Westland’s UK director of strategy; Frances Brennan, director for the SW Working Links; Nick Engert, consultant to Clarke Willmott; and Vaughan Lindsay, chief executive of Dartington Hall Trust.

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  2. Some of the councillors who are on HotSW board do not register their interest (in HotSW) in the listings on County or District websites. Why not?


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