Advice for East Devon Businesses from our Local Enterprise Partnership

Our Local Enterprise Partnership is pouring millions of our pounds into the Hinckley Point nuclear power plant:

Click to access growth_deal_2015_heart_of_sw-final.pdf

It is to be owned by the French and it is said that they are finding it difficult to get investment because it is the wrong kind of design:

and part-owned by the Chinese:

Half the suppliers will be from outside the UK:

including suppliers of steel, where the UK has just lost thousands of jobs:

Notwithstanding this, there is a puff job in the Express and Echo offering businesses in the LEP area a meeting to

A puff job in the Express and Echo East Devon says businesses are being advised by the LEP on how to “maximise opportunities” arising from the

Good luck with that people – but don’t forget East Devon is quite a way from Hinkley Point and there are an awful lot of businesses competing for these crumbs!