“South West MPs poised to rebel over rural funding settlement”

” … Under the provisional settlement announced in December, Cornwall Council will see its grant cut by £12 million in 2016/17, bringing its average spend per household down from £1,687 to £1,643. Devon will see its grant cut by £14 million, reducing spending per household from £1,402 to £1,363.

In contrast, despite a £15 million squeeze on Manchester’s grant, per household spend in the city will be £1,872. And over the next year the Greater London Authority will see its budget increase by £26 million. ”


One thought on ““South West MPs poised to rebel over rural funding settlement”

  1. I hope that anyone in Devon who voted Tory in the general election is taking note.

    And especially anyone in East Devon who voted for Hugo Swire, who has done little, if anything, to fight to save his own constituents from the effect of these cuts. In fact, somewhat uncharacteristically for him, on this occasion Hugo has failed to emulate his hero, party leader and close friend David C. who has publicly lambasted his own county Council for the swathe of cuts they have been forced to introduce after the government’s austerity measures – instead Hugo has apparently decided that discretion is the better part of valour and that it is better to be silent than be seen as a hypocrite.


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