Devolution: the big sell

Long, puff job for devolution – the devolution deal for Devon and Somerset having been sent to the government without one iota of public consultation and with most district and county councillors totally ignorant about exactly what is going on, having been completely cut out of the decision-making, but having agreed anyway.

And the final chilling paragraphs of the press release:

LEP chairman Steve Hindley said: “Businesses across the Heart of the South West are the driving force that will deliver transformational growth and are keen to be at the helm of a prospective devolution deal alongside local authority partners.

“We look forward to working with Government and investors as we embark on this journey towards prosperity and increased productivity that will benefit not only the Heart of the South West but the UK economy as a whole.”

Wholesale privatisation of major local government functions to a handful of business owners and a very few career politicians.

A sad day for democracy – and for Devon and Somerset.

EDBF is dead, long live mega-EDBF.