An interesting LEP housing conundrum

Population of Devon and Somerset combined: approx 2 million
Population of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire combined: approx 2 million

Number of extra homes Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire LEP says they need:

Number of extra homes Devon and Somerset says they need:


2 thoughts on “An interesting LEP housing conundrum

  1. Easy Explanation is all in the docs.

    The Devon/Somerset number is “by 2030” (say 15 years or just under 12,000 per annum.

    The Derby/Notts doc makes it clear that 77k is just the CLG household projection to 2021. The devo doc refers to the D2N2 Strategic Economic Plan which sets out the plan to accelerate housebuilding to 13,000 per annum by 2021.

    So basically for roughly the same area and somewhat similar spread of activities (eg same number universities etc) and working from govt policy & aspirations you get roughly the same number of homes.

    You’re welcome.


  2. Assuming 2 people per household on average…

    Growth of 77,000 in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire is c. 3.9%
    Growth of 179,000 in Devon and Somerset is c. 9%

    But if 9% growth seems bad, this compares to growth of c. 30% in the East Devon Local Plan. That is an awful lot of green fields to be concreted over in one of the greenest, prettiest parts of the UK.


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