LEP – conflict of interest?

Our Local Enterprise Partnership has decided to invest heavily in the controversial Hinkley C nuclear power plant. One of the members of our LEP is Nicholas Ames of Supacat in Dunkeswell:


Here is an article on the company’s diversification:

“Supacat Ltd is an innovative engineering and design house that has a pedigree of producing and supporting high-mobility, all-terrain vehicles.

Having recently embarked on a strategy of diversification, the nuclear industry was identified as being alike in its approach to engineering design within a process driven environment and has therefore been agreed as one strand of diversification for Supacat Ltd.

By engaging with the Skills Academy the company is demonstrating its commitment to investing in the development of its people and processes in line with the growth in the UK’s nuclear decommissioning and new build programmes. “


He also worked in the past for Serco which has been given a contract by the LEP.

He left PwC and joined Serco Group in 1998 where he made the transition to General Management. Nick spent much of this time being responsible for parts of the Mainland Europe operations of the business. He was also seconded to a Private Equity organisation looking at ways of using the Private Equity model with the change management skills of Serco.”


Serco Vocational Training will be working with small and medium enterprise (SME) businesses across the region to identify and address training and development needs through the ESF funded ‘Skills for Growth’ Project.


We have no way of knowing if he excused himself from either of these decisions or whether the LEP followed its conflict of interest procedures as no agendas or minutes of their meetings are published.