Who guards the LEP guards? Owl has the answer!

As part of the government’s assurance framework, each local enterprise partnership has a nominated local authority that acts as its accountable body, and

Somerset County Council

(the Council) is the accountable body for the Heart of the South West LEP.

Alternatively you may bring any matter concerning the LEP to the attention of the Somerset County Council’s external auditor.

For this Council, the appointed auditor is

Grant Thornton UK LLP.

The engagement lead for the audit is

Peter Barber
0117 305 7897.

For Local Authorities, some rules are in this government publication:

Accounting Officer Accountability System Statement for Local Government and for Fire and Rescue Authorities”

Click to access 150320_-_LG_and_Fire_Accountability_System_Statement_-_2015__final_.pdf

For the Local Growth Fund, this government publication covers some of the rules:

Accounting Officer: Accountability System Statement for the Local Growth Fund”

Click to access bis-15-183-Accountability-systems-statement.pdf

Should you as an elector wish to examine the accounts of ANY local authority, the National Audit Office has produced a very helpful guide abour your rights:

Council accounts: A guide to your rights

Click to access Council-accounts-a-guide-to-your-rights.pdf