Who chose Local enterprise partnership boundaries?

Owl has today alone read three articles about “Devon and Cornwall” but reads none at all (except when discussing devolution) “Devon and Somerset”.

Given the focus of our LEP on Hinkley C, would it not have been a better fit for one LEP to represent Devon and Cornwall and for Somerset to link northwards towards Bristol and Gloucestershire?

This now means that Cornwall goes it alone as a single parent and Devon is forced into an arranged marriage with Somerset!

There are a massive number of synergies between Devon and Cornwall but none between Devon and Somerset except the M5 and A303.

Who drew the lines and got us underwriting Hinkley C and its infrastructure with Somerset instead of concentrating on urban regeneration, tourism, rural infrastructure and environmental stewardship with Cornwall?

One thought on “Who chose Local enterprise partnership boundaries?

  1. The SD ferry believesvthat there is hidden agenda there for the future CIOS will seek to get special funding as before then quietly merge with the HotSW lep which will have grabbed the Avon area too then the super Mayor will be placed at the heart of the star chamber, as at the moment the mayoral position will not be able to subsume the PCC job until the LE P boundaries match those of the police authorities
    This hidden agenda would have been totally unpalatable to all involved so by stealth they wish to rebuild the SWRDA


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