EDDC has no idea how much S106 money is owed to them

“How much revenue for s106 agreements in total is now owing to EDDC
(regardless of what year the agreement was made) because payment has not
been made?”

This information is not held”


4 thoughts on “EDDC has no idea how much S106 money is owed to them

  1. I bet if I didn’t pay my council tax (the EDDC part of which is say £200) I would soon find a court summons in my letterbox.

    So it is scandalous that EDDC may be allowing developers to get away with not paying potentially several £m of S106 money.

    One rule for Diviani’s developer mates, and other for residents.


  2. So they can calculate officer time when it suits. Sounds like it would be money well spent if they were genuinely that incompetent and there could be money outstanding – but they couldn’t have other reasons not to could they?


  3. Keep asking where the S106 payments are coming from and how they are being used and how and by whom the priorities are being set. There are many ways to ask these questions and several different committees and individuals who can be asked. They can’t keep hiding the facts from us.


  4. Sometimes councils really ARE that useless. Conspiracy to hide information is one thing and can happen. Far more common is a lack of ability, resources or will to get the information. “Can’t be bothered”, “indifference” and “cock up” is far more common than “conspiracy” – the latter suggests some degree of planning and intelligence after all!!


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