Over-development: is this why our local health services are in deficit?

From a correspondent – source not confirmed and views expressed are those of correspondent:

“.. North Devon District Councillor recently attended a meeting to discuss cuts to services at our North Devon District Hospital. Need to save £15M annually.

Those attending the meeting were told that the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS trust have to save money by cutting services. This has been forced on them due to the increasing demand on existing services, given rate of major planning approvals.

So there we have it, those that administer a crucial part of our health infrastructure have admitted that cuts are being proposed due to the increased demand that will be created by the recent volume of housing approvals, and the resultant influx of people coming to live in North Devon.”

One thought on “Over-development: is this why our local health services are in deficit?

  1. NHS trusts are in deficit everywhere mainly because the Conservatives decided not to put in the money the NHS needs – e.g. RDE was forced from surplus to deficit over four years. See David Laws’ memoir where he reveals the Tories cut the £16bn then needed to £8bn. The ‘weekend’ pledge in the Tory manifesto, cause of so much grief, was partly to provide them with a positive NHS story to take attention away from the cuts in the 2015 election.


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