Top business people running our LEP … er, perhaps not!

Agusta Westland not doing too well according to this article. One of our Local Enterprise Partnership board members is Simon Barker, Business Director of Agusta Westland.

And no doubt, if the Government does mount a rescue package via a ” ministerial directive” for Agusta Westland, it will be via our Local Enterprise Partnership and Simon Barker ….

Westlands burnt by Boeing, May 29 2016

“American giant Boeing is set to win the contract to rebuild the army’s Apache helicopters, in a blow to Westlands in Somerset.

The defence secretary Michael Fallon is expected to rubber-stamp the £2bn contract ahead of the Farnborough air show in July. Britain’s Apache fleet was built in Yeovil by what was then AgustaWestland, under licence from Boeing, but 50 of the attack helicopters will be rebuilt by the American defence company in Arizona.

Westlands is understood also to have missed out on a contract to make gearboxes and blades for Apaches used by armed forces around the world. Negotiations are ongoing about giving the company support work on the British Apache revamp, but sources said that may require a ministerial direction from Fallon. The government is considering handing Westlands a contract to develop an unmanned military helicopter, in an effort to be seen to be keeping helicopter manufacturing alive in Britain.”

Easy to see what benefits our LEP brings to its board members (including Midas, see post yesterday) but not at all easy to see what is in it for the rest of us.