“Ben Ingham was born in East Devon. A chartered engineer by profession he has also worked as a district councillor for twenty years dedicating much of hie free time to issues that affect East Devon.

In recent times he has become increasingly concerned about the activities of the East Devon Conservative Group. So much so that last year he was motivated to mount an independent challenge to take over the control of the council. It was this that led to him becoming the leader of the East Devon Alliance of independent candidates.

Amongst his key motivations his top priority is to make sure that the East Devon Local Plan is adopted as soon as possible in order to protect the district from uncontrolled development.

He is also working to create a Development Strategy Committee to ensure that development can be managed in a sustainable and intelligent way.

He is also keen to abolish the cabinet system at East Devon District Council in favour of a committee system where all councillors become involved in making decisions on their constituents behalf.

The following interview was filmed when he visited a meeting of like minded people in Totnes on the 25th May of this year in order to discuss independent councillors in local democracy.”