What is EDDC’s highest risk in its Risk Register?

In the full risk register there is one risk currently scored as high:

The Council’s income now relies on income from new homes bonus monies which is directly related to new house building in the district.

There is a risk of lower growth than estimated or the Government changing the mechanism for payment.
Impact: Major
Likelihood: Likely

The reason for the escalation of this risk is that the government is currently considering a new scheme following a period of consultation. There is now uncertainty as to the implications of any changes to the scheme.


One thought on “What is EDDC’s highest risk in its Risk Register?

  1. This is NOT a risk (which implies a lowish probability) – it is a certainty.

    The government is phasing out the New Homes Bribe … oops, sorry … New Homes Bonus, so the reduction in income is 100% certain to happen.


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