What is EDDC’s highest risk in its Risk Register?

In the full risk register there is one risk currently scored as high:

The Council’s income now relies on income from new homes bonus monies which is directly related to new house building in the district.

There is a risk of lower growth than estimated or the Government changing the mechanism for payment.
Impact: Major
Likelihood: Likely

The reason for the escalation of this risk is that the government is currently considering a new scheme following a period of consultation. There is now uncertainty as to the implications of any changes to the scheme.

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One thought on “What is EDDC’s highest risk in its Risk Register?

  1. This is NOT a risk (which implies a lowish probability) – it is a certainty.

    The government is phasing out the New Homes Bribe … oops, sorry … New Homes Bonus, so the reduction in income is 100% certain to happen.


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