Consultation on upgrade of A30 near Honiton

“The Council is proposing to replace the existing narrow, substandard single carriageway in the Monkton area with around five miles of new road between the Honiton Bypass and Devonshire Inn – the junction of the A30 with the A303.

The scheme will comprise a wide carriageway with three lanes. It will be a laid out with two lanes in one direction and one lane in the other to enable overtaking in one direction, alternating along the route.

Exhibitions will be held at the following venues:

Thursday 4 August, 8am-6pm – Honiton Show
Friday 5 August, 2pm-8pm – Upottery Village Hall
Saturday 6 August, 10am-6pm – Upottery Village Hall
Tuesday 16 August, 12pm-8pm – Monkton Court Hotel
Saturday 20 August, 10am-6pm – Mackarness Hall, Honiton
Saturday 10 September, 10am-6pm – Upottery Village Hall”

Is this to make the road better for our councillors and officers to reach (or get away from) the forthcoming plush new offices in Honiton – centre of the EDDC universe?

One thought on “Consultation on upgrade of A30 near Honiton

  1. Two options (three if you include the option that involves the A30 north flood plain, categorised ‘zone 1’ by the Environment Agency – no development is allowed) the orange route is over behind the trees above Monkton on the A30 south side, the majority of the orange route would not be in sight from Dumpdon Hill/Upottery/Beacon/Wick etc. No properties need to be demolished. Compared to the blue route far fewer people are affected. The blue route south (or north as mentioned above) involves homes and businesses being demolished in Monkton, and a large flyover. It will be visible from Dumpdon Hill/Upottery/Beacon/Wick etc. As a dual carriageway is not allowed in an AONB the powers that be have settled on 3 lanes, one being a ‘suicide lane’. The speed limit, although in an AONB, will apparently be increased to 60mph. A number of properties will still need to access the new A30, how can this be done safely? Royal Mail, delivery drivers, friends and family of residents of Monkton also require safe access. Consultation plans do not currently offer solutions to the safety aspects of this route. The majority of accidents along this stretch of the A30 are a result of speeding or loss of attention. At 60mph the accident rate will increase. Too many exits/access points on this route. It will be noisy, over and above the noise experienced now as large and small vehicles will need to accelerate up the flyover to keep the traffic moving. Pollution levels will increase (large HGVs accelerating at the flyover incline). No resilience plan in place to manage traffic when there is an accident.
    Millions of pounds has been wasted on this already, a solution is needed but one that will work and is safe. A dual carriageway is required in an appropriate location.
    Until sensible decisions can be made, complete the A358 improvements and the majority of traffic will use that route. Local traffic will continue on the A330/A30 or holiday makers – a heritage route.


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