The big boys want a big slice of the big renewable energy pie – in the US

“You might think the renewables market is dominated by lentil-munching hippies, assembling Heath Robinson contraptions in sheds. That was certainly true a few years ago – and it’s true that many of the people in the industry were activists in their earlier lives. I met one executive from a waste management firm who, in his youth, had literally been dragged out of his bed by the police for some political protest he was involved in.

But nowadays, of course, the industry has become highly professionalised. Some of the biggest and most prestigious firms in the world are heavily involved in renewable energy. One such firm is IBM – often known as “Big Blue”. With a long trading history, and a deep relationship with the largest government and corporate customers, IBM is the epitome of the corporate establishment. If it’s grasping renewables with both hands, you can tell there’s a serious transition going on. …”

Big Blue goes green