Hugo Swire appointed Chairman of Conservative Middle East Council

So you thought we would see more of our constituency MP now that he is a backbencher – now he has even MORE reasons to be away from East Devon.

He won’t have time to save our NHS, he will be too busy brokering arms deals.

“I’m delighted to become Chairman of the Conservative Middle East Council this week, taking over from Sir Alan Duncan. Alan has been a superb Chairman over the last year and leaves CMEC firmly established and respected among Conservatives.

I am particularly delighted to be back in a role I much enjoyed before the 2010 election and my renewed involvement in CMEC reflects my longstanding interest in the Middle East.

Having been a Minister of State in the Foreign Office for the last four years I understand British foreign policy. And without doubt, the Middle East is of unparalleled importance.

For that reason CMEC is more active and more important than ever before. It’s imperative that Conservatives seek to understand the Middle East and appreciate the many challenges facing that region. But we must also recognise and celebrate the diversity and dynamism of the region. And we must appreciate the wealth of commercial opportunities the Middle East presents and – more importantly – the many longstanding friendships and historic alliances we have across the region.

CMEC has a busy program for this autumn and I am delighted that we will also be launching a new and improved website in the coming days.

Whether on Syria, Palestine, the Gulf, Egypt, Iran or the many other countries across the region CMEC will continue under my Chairmanship to facilitate a greater understanding of the issues, and to allow Conservative parliamentarians to travel to different parts of the region to see it for themselves.

I look forward to seeing you at a CMEC event soon.

The Rt Hon Sir Hugo Swire KCMG MP”

2 thoughts on “Hugo Swire appointed Chairman of Conservative Middle East Council

  1. When he was fired from his ministerial post by Theresa May in July, in his own column on EastDevon24 ( Hugo said he was “free to question and debate anything I choose” and “can mention East Devon as much as I see fit”.

    But despite having no other commitments (like being a minister or Chair of CMEC) he has done neither of these. He has questioned no government policies nor mentioned East Devon even once.

    He also said he was “relieved not to have to embark on yet another exhausting trip for a while” – but I would imagine that “a while” really means “a (very short) while” as it would seem likely to me that he will abandon his responsibilities as a constituency MP to go visiting his friends in the Middle East (without the excuse for avoiding his day job of being a government minister).

    How much more does Hugo need to do to demonstrate just how unsuited he is to be our MP?


  2. We must remember that Swire wasn’t just a public school “product” but subsequently a guardsman.
    There’s an armed forces philosophy of brainwashing and subservience in order to fulfil the objective, whatever that might be… In Iraq, that was to follow the wishes of the commander in chief, let’s say Tony Blair.
    Do you see where I’m going with this?
    As a right wing clone, our beloved! MP will do whatever necessary to support the aims of this country, and at the moment that would be to assist any foreign regimes who could ( coincidentally) support the UK coffers by purchasing killing machinery expertly produced in the UK.
    Whenever you look at Hugo Swire’s faked smile, remember this!
    Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend.


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