Hugo Swire bans Claire Wright from a meeting in her ward

“Hugo Swire bars me from a meeting about Tipton St John Primary School flooding problems

I was bizarrely barred from a meeting in my own ward this lunchtime, with East Devon’s MP and the chief executive of the Environment Agency, James Bevan, who met with Tipton St John school staff about the ongoing challenges of flooding at the school – an issue I have been active on for three years.

I have been involved in discussions on how the situation at Tipton St John may be remedied since I was elected as a Devon County councillor in 2013.

I asked to attend the meeting this morning, however, was informed by Hugo Swire’s office that I would not be welcome as he was “keeping the meeting very small and focused and had to limit numbers.”

I was very disappointed about being excluded as crucially important issues would be discussed that I have been actively involved with. Last year I provided funding from my county council locality budget for a flood survey and helped to clear up after at least two flooding events, arranging with the chief fire officer for Devon and Somerset, for the fire and rescue service to be involved in these clear ups.

I have attended meetings with residents about the future of the school and worked with the school – and the community on trying to find a solution to the flooding problems.

As the Devon County councillor for Tipton St John with a clear interest and involvement in supporting the community I would have thought it was entirely appropriate that I should have been invited to a meeting with the chief executive of the Environment Agency.

It was a poor decision”

3 thoughts on “Hugo Swire bans Claire Wright from a meeting in her ward

  1. I can well understand why Claire Wright was banned from attending the meeting at the Tipton school. How many times did we see Hugo Swire, our current MP, shod in wellington boots and wielding a brush, clearing away the flood water, whilst Claire did absolutely nothing. No, this decision is totally predictable and just demonstrates that being involved in the local community and helping whenever possible is a poor substitute for doing nothing from a great distance.


  2. A very poor decision from Swire that dramatically illustrates the extent of his, well justified, insecurity.


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