NHS: How to profit when excrement hitting the air conditioning

The NHS’ new “Success Regime” aims to put a firm brake on health spending, but it’s proving to be a bonanza for consultants on lucrative contracts who oversee the process. And some of these consultants are former senior NHS managers who received generous payoffs when their jobs disappeared as a result of the Tories’ top-down reorganisation of the health service in 2012.

There were a few wry smiles, therefore, at Monday evening’s public “consultation” in Sidmouth to discuss closing the town’s community hospital beds, when Dame Ruth Carnall, chair of the “Success Regime” which is monitoring these cuts, bemoaned the disastrous “fragmentary” effects of the 2012 Health and Social Care Act.

She may not like it, but as chief executive of NHS London which was abolished by the Act, she received a payoff in 2013 which included a £2.2 million pension pot.

Then with another former NHS executive she created consultants Carnall Farrar Ltd who were chosen by NEW Devon CCG to advise them on how to save money before she was appointed “Independent Chair” of the “Success Regime”. Rumours suggest this will net her several hundred thousands of pounds in fees!


3 thoughts on “NHS: How to profit when excrement hitting the air conditioning

    • Unfortunately creeping doesn’t really start to describe what is happening. Creeping suggests a small furry thing approaching under cover of a low wall.

      The privatisation of the NHS is really much more of a huge gorilla with an invisibility cloak about to rip the NHS into small pieces, package them up as steak and sell them off to the highest bidder.

      But in my experience, neither outsourcing nor privatisation is ever successful in the long run. I have worked on both sides of the outsource/privatised contract, and I have yet to see one work in the long run. In fact I challenge anyone to point out any outsource / privatisation deal which has been successful in the long-term.


  1. No wonder the NHS has to make bed cuts – several hundred thousand pounds in fees would pay for quite a few beds.


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