Skypark: 30,000 sq ft let – only 1,300,000 sq ft or so left to go!

“Exeter-based housing association DCH is set to relocate its city centre headquarters to a new office building at Skypark.

It will be the first office occupier on the new business park near Exeter Airport when staff move into a new 30,000 sq ft office space at the 1.4 million sq ft scheme.

The new offices will join the Ambulance Special Operations Centre (ASOC West) and DPD UK’s new 60,000 sq ft distribution centre on the site.”

30,000 sq ft out of 1.4 million sq ft available!

The (quite small) ambulance centre opened in 2014 and the 60,000 sq ft DPS distribution centre opened in 2015. With DCH in (probably) 2017 this will be 3 tenants in 4 years.

No wonder EDDC mooted having their HQ there – and plans are now being changed to accommodate things such as a nursery and hotel … remember, Diviani promised us all 6,500 new jobs from this development.

And how will people from areas outlying Exeter area find their way to Skypark? At the moment one bus will take most people (tenants, potential tenants and employees) into the central offices in Exeter – getting to Skypark will entail another journey out, with consequent expense.

But selling off the offices in Exeter (for student housing? which already surrounds the bus station) will be very lucrative.

One thought on “Skypark: 30,000 sq ft let – only 1,300,000 sq ft or so left to go!

  1. Ah. I’m glad you asked me that question. Can’t you see that Skypark is so successful that it is absolutely imperative that we grant industrial development permission on a huge amount more land at Sidford/Sidbury on AONB, which is even more inaccessible than Skypark, and more of a flooding disaster, because otherwise we cannot justify the wild expansion of housing?

    That is also why we have to move EDDC to Honiton, because, in the words of their planning permission, it is a major benefit to Honiton. Of course it was not a major loss to Sidmouth because they get stuck with retirement homes and the infrastructure costs that go with them. Maybe Honiton should take the Pegasus retirement homes if they are so important?

    Let one success build upon another!


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