External auditors not best placed to review Local Plan – Duh!

Honestly, you could not make it up. Independent councillors recently flagged that the NEXT review of the existing Local Plan needs to be sorted out NOW and not (as in the past) faffed-about with at the last minute.

So, some bright spark came up with the idea of asking EDDC’s FINANCIAL external auditor (KPMG) to get it going. Here is what happened next.

Problem (page 134 of agenda papers):
Undertake a Review of the process for writing the Local Plan in future”

The solution
“A meeting has been held with our external auditors to scope out this review but it was quickly determined that they are not the right people to undertake this review due to their lack of knowledge of the plan making process. Other options including using the Planning Advisory Service (PAS) are now being pursued.”

Click to access 241116-scrutiny-agenda-combined.pdf

Duh, duh and more duh!

One thought on “External auditors not best placed to review Local Plan – Duh!

  1. Let’s hope that the next iteration of the local plan actually listens to the concerns of East Devon residents, is completed in a timely fashion so that developers cannot get planning permission by default and is free from the taint of corruption and incompetence which characterised the development of the current local plan.

    We should also hope that the rate of building embodied in the first 5-10 years of the current plan are not continued in any new plan. Due to the current local plan, we will already be building on greenfield land (much of it in AONBs) to deliver almost a third as many homes as already exist – if this continues into any new Local Plan the unique beauty of East Devon may be ruined for ever.


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